Monday, August 2, 2010

METAMORPHOSIS : The Making of a Book Cover - or Portrait of the Artist as a ...Young Photographer

You buy a book. It has an amazing illustrated or photographic cover with period detailing. Ever wonder where the artist’s inspiration for those costumes or accessories comes from? 

If you are clever,  you might sense that WE are that  “secret source”! (Yes!)

....But if you haven't a clue, here is a little interesting narrative explaining the “process” a book cover takes from start to finish.

In this blog, we highlight the work of artist Marc Yankus (

This particular project shown on the left was a book about a midwife in the mid-to-late 1800’s who yearned to become a doctor, not a very welcoming profession for women of that century.

In Marc’s words: “I hired a model, rented the dress and bag from Helen and photographed the model in my workspace.

Using a software program, I changed the color of the dress, added the building and added textures to give the piece a feeling of the time”

Picture #1
Marc initially came by to pick out some of our  vintage clothing showroom's 19th century clothes and accessories. He then began photographing his model: first from the back, then a side view, then eventually a version of the final 
cover that Marc envisioned. 
                   Picture #2                                      
                                                                                             Picture #3  

Once Marc zeroed in on the concept, he experimented with different  color palettes until he reached the one he would use for the book cover.

Et voila!!!!! A work of genius!

                            First coloration                                   Final coloration

We will soon highlight other book covers we have worked on, but as an added bonus, here is yet another cover Marc worked with us on...perhaps an obscure little book you may have heard of ?

 and the book......

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