Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome to Uffner Vintage!

I welcome you again to the wonderful land of Uffner Vintage. The fans are blowing on this hot June day, yet we still find time to sit down for a cup of hot refreshing tea @ 4 pm every afternoon. I suppose I'll start by introducing our small, but superbly awesome, staff. Helen Uffner, the business owner, who created our vintage mecca and has carried her treasure-filled company through 3 different locations in the past 30 years; Masha, one of our design consultants, who has been with the business for almost 3 years, and moonlights as a creative welder in her spare time; Nora, who has just recently started with the company, but is incredibly proactive in producing new ideas for the business (we have a website currently in production, whoo-hoo!); and Amanda, our new intern, who is currently studying Costume Design at Queens College. And then me, Allison, who's been with the company for about a year as a design consultant and also works with Martha Graham Dance Company as a Wardrobe Supervisor. Our loft space is located in the up-and-coming parts of Long Island City in Queens just over the 59th Street Bridge, just a few miles from Manhattan. We are currently working on some 1930's, and 1950's films, as well as some other independent magazine and commercial projects. For this week, I project we mostly will be working on that so-called "1930's film" where we will finish writing up detailed descriptions of the women's dresses being shipped to South Africa where they are shooting a couple more scenes and presumably wrapping up the film. Closing time is approaching, so we will turn off all the fans and shut the windows on the sunset of just another day at Uffner Vintage.