Thursday, February 28, 2013


a pixie visitor dons our ski outfit
With our 4000+ hat collection, it is too tempting to resist popping a hat on so below, a pictorial of present and past staffers and interns (and even visitors!)!

What follows is a lovey pictorial of our current beautiful and talented interns Chelsea and Lauren posing in hats that are for sale!

Have fun!

Jade and Jessica are prepared for a 1960's wind storm

Dan the bride

Masha looks  berry berry good!
Dan goes Mod

Helen declares red hat day
Masha, Dan, Ceci, Kelly Lynn and Helen prepare for their fictitious island holiday

Ting Ting goes 1930's

Nelly and Margaux welcome Spring with flowers

Margaux, Helen, Dan and TingTing dress for tea

Margaux and Julia invite you to our place!
Kristen thinks rosy thoughts

Too much sun, Margaux?

Nelly dons a chapeaux

It that Matt or is George Washington in the house?

Dan dreams sparkly thoughts

Masha, Helen, Dan and Emily dress for lunch

Dan has a nightmare (on Elm street?)

Fay and Julia flank our resident Rabbi, Mr. Dan

Ah, Spring is in the air for Dan and Julia

Jade goes Mad Men

Helen goes Titanic

Here's one fur you, Jessica

Masha and Dan are off on a vintage holiday

Our 2008 Presidential Election GO VOTE CAMPAIGN with Kristen, Masha, Nora, Jamie and Kim !!!!!

Ceci and Kelly Lynn dream they are off to Rio!
Clients get into the act too! Here Molly Shannon tries on her favorite hat!

Even visitors from abroad can't help themselves!

We love these for sale hats on our beautiful models Chelsea and Lauren!