Monday, January 26, 2009

!!!!!!!! OUR WEBSITE IS UP !!!!!!!

I suppose when you are in the long-time business of antique clothing, you immerse yourself in old-fashioned ways of doing things. We are slowly creeping towards the 21st century to catch up with technology: from hand-written invoices quickly progressing to types ones ( first on manual typewriters, then electric typewriters, then - FINALLY - computer-generated invoices!).
Well, our big announcement is that it has ONLY taken us 30 years to finally create a website, courtesy of our proud web designer below, Nora Beckman, posing with her favorite Uffnervintage pal, Olive!!
We will continue to tweak it but we are very proud of Nora's work! Our website can be found at:
In other news:
2009 is off to a busy start! ( so says CARMAC!!!!!!!!)
Helen was interviewed for Hollywood Life magazine last week, and photographer will soon come to capture the tone of our space.
Be sure to watch Gossip Girls on March 9th - we rented alot of victorian clothing for a scene in which the high school is putting on a play, "Age of Innocence" ( we also happened to work on that movie!)
"Sherlock Holmes", directed by Guy Ritchie, is shooting its New York scenes now and we are involved in that project, soon to be supplying victorian undergarments to one of its big stars for an upcoming scene. Shhhhhh! We can't mention who it is!
Though a lot of Broadway shows have closed, new ones are now opening. One little-known secret in the industry is that publicity shots and posters are usually shot WAAAAY in advance of show openings, before most costumes have even been designed and built. We have done a lot of Broadway posters in our time ( e.g. "The Producers" & "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang") and recently did two new poster shoots: Matthew Broderick for "The Philanthropist" and David Hyde-Pierce for "Accent on Youth". We also are waiting to hear if we are dressing Rupert Everett for his New York Times interview ( along with fabulous designer Marty Pakledinaz) for the play "Blithe Spirit".
We also have done several book covers: "Across the Endless River" for Doubleday and "Leigh Ann of Rosewell" for Hougton Mifflin.
Never let it be said that we don't diversify!!!
...and below, Masha and Kristen don our own special CARMAC hats ( somewhere, Johnny Carson is jealous!!) to foresee a happy and healthy and PEACEFUL 2009!