Friday, December 21, 2012

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM US ALL...and Behind The Movie Scenes!

Masha, Dan, Ceci, Kelly Lynn and Helen
We have been so busy with projects that we have neglected to post new, timely blog updates....but that too, will be resolved as one of our New Year's resolutions!!!!!!!

Above, those of you who know us already realize we like to dress in costume from time to time and those of you who have visited us know that Long Island City, NY, at the moment, is anticipating a cold, rainy winter onset...but we can dream, can't we? We are packed and ready to go on vacation!!!!!!!

We have some films we worked on opening soon, so we thought you would like to see what the craziness behind-the-scenes action looks like! 
racks of clothes waiting for fittings

One film is "Kill Your Darlings" with Daniel Radcliffe. Set in 1944, it recounts the true-life story of a murder at Columbia University that involved young Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr and William Burroughs and changed their lives forever. 

Chris does a fitting
Our place was aflutter with designers and actors last spring coming in for the film's fittings, and the costume designer was no other than former Uffnerette (what we nickname our employees!) Christopher Peterson. We were SO proud!

Nurse Dan
We had racks and racks of actor clothes, actors sitting everywhere waiting for their fittings. As you can see, we STILL had time to have a bit of fun posing for the camera! In this case, Assistant Designer Cristina laughs as Dan poses with the nurse's cap and apron they are renting!

Below, you can see a wee glimpse into the days of mayhem!!!

actor's outfits, itemized with their appropriate accessories and ready to go!

actors killing time until it is their turn

this guy standing is already in costume
...and now for the ladies...

You look FABulous, dahling!  

The shoe selections were all laid out.

couldn't try some on and mug for the camera??

more costumes ready to go for the "Harlem scene"    

Even the film staff like to have fun!   

In other project news,  we dressed charming Jidenna Mobisson for his album cover "Time Slave"
We ALMOST had our clothes on the cover of Tim Gunn's new book! His stylists below were excited about their choices but Tim eventually decided to ax the vintage idea and have a modern cover! (but he loved our items!)

This promotional photo from the New York Times about the play "Harrison, Texas" by Horton Foote has mostly OUR clothes in it!

Lots more projects for us to tell you about, but we will save that for the New Year. Have a safe and loving holiday!!!