Friday, April 13, 2012

EASTER PARADE NEW YORK CITY 2012....and our own uffnervintage hat mania!!

ooooops, it's tipping!!!
A bit too large to handle, hmmm?

     What is a New York-based blog without a peak at the fabulous annual Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue???

So this will be short and sweet:

   pictorial of this year's fabulous parade and not to be outdone, some staff photos because somehow, with over 4,000 vintage hats in stock, we always seem to throw one on to brighten up the day!!!


You have the nutty hat-wearers and have the elegant couples!!!.

so, you think this is TOO much?
oh, Frederick, we seem to have lost our carriage!!

a vision in red
people LOVE to create fantasy hats and stroll 5th Avenue

some people brought their own rabbits ...well, ears, at least!

So many hats were so bright and cheery!
You even had the Tin Man making balloon animals!

the Can-Can line!

nothing like the element of surprise! a distinguished gentleman with a bear in his pocket and  car on his head

Err, what happens when you have to visit the ladies' room?

what the snappy man wears to a parade: bunnies and eggs!

Easter fantasies

Send in the clowns.......

Even lovely Asian damsels like their morning coffee!

Have a Happy Nor-Easter"!!!  get it?

Hey!!!!! That's our Helen on the left!!!!!

These were adorable twin sisters!

Very clever...a hat and a snack all in one! this a bunny clown?

Love these two so much I had to take another picture of them!!!

fantasy costumes!

Three flowerpots...on steroids!

How do you get through doorways?

Don't you go pointing your finger at ME, mister!

In case we get lost, look for the brightest suit (but put on your sunglasses!)

Kinda hoping you don't drop those!

Straight from her Las Vegas engagement.........

you are going to have to take me by the hand because I can;t see a THING!

do you BELIEVE what my owner made me put on today???

..just a little something my dog and I had in our closet

well, I couldn't let my doggies outshine me!!!  

just in case any of these flowery hats need watering................

just dotty over this one!

You are never too young to bring out your inner diva!

something tells me Mom forced you into this!!!
er, sir! just because you are from another time doesn't mean you can drive the wrong way..see that sign?

I just can't get enough of you, girl!!!.....I mean sir!

don't you LOVE it when the most conservative stroller has one of the craziest hats???

What's on the tube?

I FINALLY figured out what to do after I read my New York Times!!!! Recycling is the name of the game!

Helen in the center with her friends Valerie and Jean, the Idiocyncratic Fashionistas!
and now, our staff photos ( not to be outdone!!!!!!!!!!)
Masha's little bonnet
Dan likes to add the occasional wig to his hats!

Is that Matt or George Washington?

you talkin' to moi?

the blushing bride
Masha, the REAL recent bride!!!!

Oh, SO mod!!!!!
Nelly, delightful as always!