Thursday, December 11, 2008



We wish all our friends and clients ( and readers!) a very happy and healthy holiday, and hope that our country starts on an upward turn of unity and gracious spirit, with each of us helping those less fortunate in these hard, economic times. We encourage all to participate in such local projects such as the New York General Post Office's "Operation Santa Claus", in which letters addressed to Santa at the North Pole get delivered. In December, there is a special room at the 32nd Street & 8th Avenue Post Office in which you can sift through hundreds of letters - usually from poor inner-city children - and pick one ( or two) to make a child's dream come true and buy him or her a gift and send it from "Santa". We also want to take this time to wish our interns, Jamie and Kim, continued success in school and grateful wishes for their help during their respective school internship programs with us. We loved having you with us! (... and Kim, we are excited to have you back next semester!!!)

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