Friday, April 10, 2009


Just a quick note to let our readers know that Helen, aside from writing the blog, keeping up with our Facebook page, overseeing the website and running a business (whew!), has also written her first published article this week. The original article, as written, is a bit longer and more New York-centric, and we will publish it in its entirety in several weeks. It is about the craziness Helen encountered when she was told her building was to be torn down and had to move the business within months! Some of our great reviews in the "comments" section: "Smart, stubborn, and with an outrageous sense of humor… all the same qualities she uses to cope with Hollywood and Seventh Avenue!" "great article... I’m so happy it all worked out and one of the City’s gems was saved. Way to go Helen!" "Great article! What an amazing NY story. So glad Helen is still renting - we need her!" "This is a terrific article. It’s compellingly written, uplifting, and, ultimately redemptive. I have the great honor of knowing Helen. As you can glean from the piece, she is a woman of great integrity, both personally and professionally. I look forward to reading more from her on your site in the future." Check out the terrific women's online periodical called Women's Voices for Change, chockful of interesting articles and fabulous writers. In other news:

We have been busy getting ready for a movie, with fittings here at our shop. We respect the privacy of our actors and actresses so we will post the REAR shots of the starring actress so you can admire our clothes and venture a guess as to who the actress might be!

Catch any 1920's ghosts flitting about in " The Haunting in Connecticut"? They are clothed by us!

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