Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We are just about wrapping a 1912 film that the “guess the mystery actresses” (see our earlier blogs) were starring in. We know that a number of you read the blog but left your guesses on our Facebook Page. Results? The actresses are Blythe Danner and Mamie Gummer, along with Richard Dreyfus, Tom Wisdom and cameos by Julie Harris and Bruce Dern. The film is called “The Lightkeepers”. Helen visited the set this past weekend on Cape Cod, where they are shooting all around the island. The costumes look exquisite, but we will publish the pictures we took when the film comes out so we don't spill the beans too early! If you have never been on a movie set, you might find these "inner workings" glimpses interesting. They were taken on a shivering, cold day in which the actors did bathing and boating scenes presumed to be taking place in the warmth of summer. You SO respect what troopers actors are!! Tom did one scene swimming in the even colder water in a summer shirt and pants, Mamie donned a thin summer dress for a rowing scene and both of them wore flimsy bathingsuits in the increasingly brisk weather, doing their lines perfectly while channeling their inner summer weather. On the left, you will see them rehearsing their lines in boots, down coats and shawls - it gives you an idea of how cold it was. When the cameras were ready to roll, they would throw off their warm outer clothes to reveal bathingsuits beneath and proceed stroll casually, speaking their lines gracefully while the rest of us watched, teeth chattering. As soon as they completed their scene, assistants would rush to cover them up until they did another take of the same scene. All is not glam on the set!!! Below is a picture of the gifted costume designer, Mimi Maxmen, blow-drying a pair of shoes that get wet in one scene, preparing them for a re-shoot, with Mamie resting in the background, all bundled up. Below, the inner sanctum of the "Wardrobe Truck" Below, a peek in the "Hair and Make-up" truck. There are mirrored make-up "stations" for the actors to sit in and have their make-up and hair done. Hair is not easily done, especially "period" hair as opposed to modern-day hair. Below is what goes into making a wig - dying and curling different hair samples before creating just the right look.Of course, the favorite time of the day - mealtime!!!!! Below, the crew bringing food from the catering trucks to the tented outdoor dining area, and finally, Helen, sitting and watching the filming, along with one of the producers and the costume designer (in order, Penelope, Mimi and Helen) You can tell the weather by Helen's hair....oh, the humidity!! Bad hair day all-around!

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