Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"STAR FOR A DAY"... and MORE!!!

We were excited last Monday to be interviewed for a 3-4 page spread in the English-language German teen magazine “Spot On.  The article is expected to come out in their January 2010 issue.  Each of us was interviewed and we all posed for pictures, even getting the interviewer/editor-in-chief Judy Gilbert to pose in three "leading lady" outfits worn by famous actresses in recent films...  Can you guess them?  (Can't be too hard if you have been following our blogs and Facebook fan pages!!!)

Delighted to welcome our new intern Allyn to our HUVC family!  On her first day with us she was already photographed and interviewed for a magazine!  How cool is that?  Here is Allyn posing in front of our "wall of shame" (a.k.a. "Fame"!)

If you are anything like us, you wait for film credits to roll and read playbills to the end, appreciating the behind-the-scenes people involved in production.  We like to post pictures of designers, directors and other production people who we might read about but never see, and hope you get a kick out of them too.

This month, legendary Broadway/film designer (and Yale professor!) Jane Greenwood came by- she is shopping for “Broadway Bound” and “Brighton Beach Memoirs”,
which will be playing in repertory.  We coincidentally happened to have also worked on the original 1983 “BBM” as well as the 1986 film version!  Previews begin October 2nd at the Nederlander Theater on Broadway. At right, Jane and assistant Jen Moeller pick out dresses to purchase for "Brighton Beach Memoirs", and below, Helen and Jane.


 Cherie Cunningham came by looking for a tailcoat for the new vampire musical “The Cure”, running for 6 performances as part of the greater New York Musical Theater Festival, (Sept. 28 - Oct. 18).  It’s a rock n’ roll fable in which two friends stumble across the world's last surviving vampires.  The show is actually teaming up with the Broadway Blood Drive on Sunday, September 20th.  Get it?  A vampire musical sponsoring a blood drive!  Brilliant marketing ploy!


Noted writer/director/actor and 3 time Obie-winner Ain Gordon and Tony-nominated (“Company”) actress Veanne Cox came in to look for a costume for his new piece “A Disaster Begins”.  Alas, the Victorian suit she has on was too large for her! This new one-woman play is a young woman’s account of being witness to the worst natural disaster in American history: the Galveston, Texas hurricane in 1900 which took 6,000 lives. The show will run in Texas and also in New York at the Here Arts Theater from October 9-17. (http://www.here.org)

Another project coming to us was a short film, “Until the End of the World”. Actor Christopher Wright tried on a uniform that fit him perfectly while costume designer Lauren Bates Jaffe looks on and continued to look through our men's racks. 

Other projects we recently worked on:



.  1930’s gowns for Emily Blunt’s character in the contemporary film “The Adjustment Bureau”

.  men’s 1940’s items for the science fiction film “Recreator”



.  “Playboy of the Western World” at the Pearl Theater in NY

.  “Three Days of Rain” playing in Fort Worth, Texas



.  After renting 1930’s little boys’ clothes for a Wisk commercial, we then did a Woolite commercial for which we rented 1950’s women’s dresses and aprons (can’t wait to see them!)

1940’s and 1950’s children's and adult clothes for a print ad for the dementia medication Exelon

1930’s wool mittens for a commercial for Glade



.  Victorian and 1930’s undergarments for the next Victoria’s Secret” catalogue..  Hmmmmmmm… At right, stylist Grace Koo models a silk chiffon ruffled 1930's bed jacket.



.  fabulous 1920’s flapper dresses to “Gossip Girl” for a segment not yet shown on TV

.  another rental to the new, contemporary USA network series “White Collar”, this time 1970’s items as opposed to the previous rental of 1930’s items!



.  we rented clothes to the web’s “Onion News Network” for one of their faux news pieces



…and for the 4th time this year (!!!), another “Don Giovanni”, this time reset in the 1920’s at New York’s famed NY City Opera.



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