Friday, November 6, 2009

A Brief Respite From "HOSE ME DOWN": We play "catch-up" on our current projects

We are taking a break in our 4-part "HOSE ME DOWN" series to let you know what we have been up to recently!

The Web’s DFR (Daily Fashion Report) for Thursday, October 29, 2009 mentions the uber-dry-cleaner “Madame Paulette” with its recent window exhibition of vintage designer couture and a photo of, YES, you guessed it….OUR Pierre Balmain evening gown, right in front! Above, a close-up photo of the magnificent hand-work!

In our project news:

. In the spirit of Halloween, did you catch “The Happy Embalmer”, part of  the NY Musical Theater Festival?

To the left are Kristen and the show’s designer, Paul Carey, trying on their chapeaux! 

. Another interesting project was supplying 1960’s and 1970’s men’s and women’s clothes for a 45-minute excerpt of James Lapine’s musical “Mrs. Miller Does Her Thing” for pre-Broadway grand opening of the new AT & T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, Texas.

. We sold antique victorian lace to use in creating Angela Lansbury’s dress for the Broadway-bound A Little Night Music” . To the right, assistant designer Tracy Christianson.

. Florencia and Sigfus came in to rent Victorian camisoles, corsets, bustles and a jacket for  a very special “Works in Progress” series at the Guggenheim Museum. Obie Award winner Birgit Huppach stars in Miss St.’s Hieroglyphic Suffering”  on  November 15th and 16th. At left, they are studying the bustle they will take.

. 1950’s clothes for “Wide Awake Princess”, a young adult book.

.  “My Name is Mary Sutter”, a wonderful story about a 1860’s young woman with aspirations 
to become a physician.

.  1920’s and 30’s evening clothes for a series of teen book covers for Alloy Entertainment.

Wide Awake Princess Art Director Donna poses to the right

. Comedy troupe Sidecar came in for a late 1950’s MAD MEN spoof they filmed for, Comedy Central's internet site called MILK MAN!!!!

Catch it NOW on

To the left, actors try on their 1950's lady-like clothes and below, the comedy crew poses...see if you recognize the actors and clothes in the skit!!!  It is a dead-on spoof of Mad Men!

. Below, Rabiah picks dresses for Cointreau web commercials made up of short films taking place in various years:  We provided clothes for the 1923 & 1948 segments!

. We did another web commercial for, a site that helps direct school seniors & college freshmen with their career options as they continue their education.

. Another large, fun project was a print ad for the History Channel: we costumed turn-of-the-century laborers pictured working on the Statue of Liberty. Can’t wait to see it!


. Kevin Jordan came to pick out some Victorian menswear for Danny Aiello and Jerry Stiller for a film he wants to raise interest for called “Flickerbox”.  Our own Kristen was on set to dress the actors!  Kristen and Kevin at right

. We also rented 50’s and 60’s items for “White Irish Drinkers”, an indie film currently filming in New York City.

. Masha and Kristen took charge of pulling clothes for Abe Lincoln, Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan, among others,  for “God in America”,  a PBS series filming in Massachusetts. Our staff often independently pulls for the designers (for a fee)when the design team can’t come to New York themselves.

. We rented Victorian to 1930’s girdles, blouses and menswear (hmmmmmm!) for a video for “Mother Says”

Small jobs, sales and single rentals are treated as courteously as big-ticket films:

. a 40’s blouse rented toHow to Make it in America, a new HBO series about young people
 in NYC who obviously are hip enough to occasionally dress in vintage

. early spectacles rented to a PBS Nova show called “The Pluto Files”

. sold items and rented Edwardian clothes for copying for “The Three Sisters” at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

One of the perks of our business is to be invited to the many shows we work on! The staff all enjoyed being invited to the dress rehearsal of “Brighton Beach Memoirs” (which sadly closed) and a preview of “After Miss Julie” ( Helen went to opening night!)…we loved both productions!

The next blog with be a return installment of "HOSE ME DOWN."....wait until you read Henry VIII's  shopping list...what a peacock!!!!

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