Thursday, April 4, 2013


Here is what is fabulous about the Easter Parade: elegant couples strolling in their Easter finery, some evoking looks of past decades; people valiantly
attempting to re-position their gargantuan hat creations; creative costumes hinting of Dali and Magritte; bunnies in all shapes and sizes; day-glo and primary color creations from head to toe and  full outfits worthy of Halloween!

Some of my favorite outfits were so subtle they were brilliant! Here is a man evoking artist Rene Magritte's painting "Son of Man"

Below is a fabulous couple dressed only in shades of black, white and grey. They sport full facial make-up, not unlike characters in an old film, highlighted even more so by the woman standing next to them! I like to think of them as a Salvador Dali painting, with gloves adorning her shoulders, and her reverse head purse, a nod to Surrealism.

We had, above, the absence of color...which was more than made up by the plethora of color!!!

 Oh, the Rabbits!!!  There were bunnies accompanying elder ladies in strollers.

..Japanese lady bunnies...

 ..bunnies standing up for their rights...

..and even a subtle bunny wannabe!

There were hats that defied gravity!

..and the men were no exception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This particular gentleman is a fixture at the Easter Parade, should you be coming to New York next year. He is never without his day-go beard, always with a baby carriage that holds his equally colorfully dressed dog, with his pet bird somewhere on his person!

  The parade even had royalty present:

...and some men dressed as females, albeit from the 1940's!!

...AND created some of the most STUNNING hats!!!!

Speaking of period, there were visitors from every decade:

We were also delighted to discover that age is no barrier to having fun and being creative with your chapeau!

Of course, for every huge hat there appeared an adorable diminutive one!

..and there was even an homage to the Menorah!!!!
ENJOY THE REST OF THE PHOTOS! (Including Helen in a 1940's leopard raincoat and hat adorned with little chicks coming out of their sparkly shells!