Wednesday, July 16, 2008

EEEK!! Movie wardrobe returning!

masha, nora and amanda relaxing

amanda, nora and masha working

Wouldn't you know that on one of the hottest days of the summer we received 4 immense cartons 1920's and 1930's returned from Canada from the film "Amelia"...according to the shipping tag, 956 pounds of clothes!

We started out with Masha, Nora and Amanda sitting on top of the cartons (they needed a ladder!) to scope out the birdseye view of the place! Once we got over our initial dazed looks (!!!) at the bulk we had to tackle and check in, we started working.

We recently shipped more items for this film to South Africa, where they will continue shooting other scenes - cross your fingers that we don't get a shipment of hats back from Africa from which might emerge a huge, live insect that lands on Helen's arm - that happened when she was unpacking the rented hats from "Out of Africa" many years ago and she still shudders to this day, thinking about it!

"Amelia" is about Amelia Earhart, a big mega-picture starring Hillary Swank. The costume designer is the extraordinarily gifted Kasia Maimone, who we worked with on "Capote."

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Zarya said...


This is a wonderful blog. You all have a lot of spirit and forbearance to do what you're doing in the heat of summer!
Shchastlivogo puti Mashe. (That's for Masha's trip to Russia)