Thursday, July 31, 2008

Naming contest!!! We need your help!!!!

Nora and....??????????? ???????????

What a dilemma!

Here we have a lovely new circa 1950 hat model but alas, when we refer to her we are at a loss for a name!!

We are extending a request for some new suggestions, since she will certainly continue to be part of our lives ( and yours!) and we can't continue to refer to her in photographs as "Helen and....???)

Give us some ideas in the "comments" section and we will credit you should we flip over your name suggestion!

As you can see, we continue to mend and check-in our large Canadian 20's and 30's film, just in time to start a new 20's and 30's gangster flick next week!

Should you have caught all the "Mad Men" promos on morning TV shows, you would have seen our clothes, too!


Gail said...

Since it's a vintage "head", how about "Nick and Nora" as in the Thin Man Series???


Hanna said...

How about Veronique or Veronika from "La Double vie de Véronique" by Kieslowski? I don't know why but "she" just looks like Veronique to me.
Lovely blog.

LisaT said...

Hey you great women of HUVC! Well, I have to put in my vote for what I consider to be the ultimate and quintessential 1950's women's name: Rhonda.

I'm also partial to Patsy, Betty and Peggy Sue.

Naimg contest = fun idea!

See you all soon, I hope.

Love, Lisa

Barbara Lewis said...

Love your blog.

She looks like a "Trixie" to me.
I'll bet she's a snappy dresser (well, she doesn't have a body so I guess she's a snappy "hatter")

Please tell Helen I'm sorry I haven't gotten the vintage children's dresses out to her yet ! Have had the envelope addressed and on my desk for a month.

Barbara in Florida

Gail said...

One more about Marcelle, a female version of Marcel, re the waves (are they waves?!) in her hair!

mar·cel (mär-sl)
A hairstyle characterized by deep regular waves made by a heated curling iron.
v. mar·celled, mar·cell·ing, mar·cels
To style (the hair) with deep regular waves, using a curling iron.
To make such a hairstyle.


[After Marcel Grateau (1852-1936), French hairdresser.]