Friday, September 5, 2008

Fashion World's Little Secrets!!!!!

We would never give out trade secrets (!!!) but as a lot of "the industry" knows, a hush-hush part of our business is renting to fashion and accessory designers who use our items for inspiration for their future fashion lines. We have wonderful clients (whose names we NEVER give out!) and have had some amusing experiences:
One of our modest little 1930’s dresses turned out to be copied line-for-line, in the EXACT same fabric by a high-end designer. Its ultimate retail price? $1100.
Some designers actually ended up using OUR garments in their runway shows because they could not finish their own garments in time, and frantically called us to make sure we still had the original garments available so they could quickly re-rent them! Yet another of our garments was used in a news interview show to showcase an up-and-coming couture designer…only it was not his interpretation of our gown - it was actually OUR GOWN! To the designer’s credit, we were told ahead of time…so we just had to laugh. Our staff ( Nora and Allison, above) recently attended the fashion show of one of our favorite clients. We won’t give away the client’s name, but the photos show what a lovely cocktail dress ( in silver) was created after being inspired by renting our original evening gown (albeit now wrinkled in the above photo!).

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