Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More movie openings and views from our windows

You've seen our place INSIDE, now take a look at some pictures we have taken of our sunset views: The Citicorp Building on the left, and the N train going by in front of our windows on the right. Lovely, right?
More past movie projects are opening! It seems some modern films we rented vintage touches to a while back are already advertising and FINALLY coming out!
New York, I Love You, which we completed last April, 2008 is an homage to our home town with a big star-studded cast. The Brothers Bloom, which we finished back in March, 2007 (!!!) is also generating talk around town. We were recently told that Phoebe in Wonderland, also completed in 2007 and designed by the brilliant stylist team-turned-costume designers, Kurt & Bart, is soon to open. Insider information! Revolutionary Road, another DiCaprio/Winslet film we ALSO completed in 2007 is finally set to open the end of December for 11th hour Academy Award consideration. They are still doing some last-minute reshoots ( they were in today for costumes) and plan on shooting a completely new conversational scene between Kate and Leonardo, only he is not available so they are only shooting HER speaking…should be interesting how it is all spliced together! Alas, we were told they cut out all the beautiful 1930’s scenes for expediency, but you can still catch some of our choice 40’s and 50’s clothes! We know the movie “The Women” is coming out and we can’t wait to see this updated version, but we have done several theatrical versions and are pulling clothes for yet another one in San Diego. A yet unnamed ( by us - we like to be mysterious!) new film called us today that might start pre-production at the end of September, when the designer flies into New York. We will give you a clue - it takes place in the 1960’s! Together with some items pulled for 30 Rock and for Road Show, the new play at the Public Theater, we are picking up speed for the Fall season. Road Show is only renting items for copying but we are curious about the play….1870’s skirts? 1890’s women’s jackets? Men’s 1915 and 1930’s suits? It is a mystery. Good-byes: Nikoo went off to start at Brown and Amanda went back to Queens College. We are saying goodbye to Allison, who is off to multiple countries (Greece, China, France) with the Martha Graham Company, though when she is back on the mainland ( in her case, Williamsburg, Brooklyn) and she is available when we are in a crunch mode, she will come in and help out. We will be looking for new people to join us at Uffnervintage!

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