Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We always delight in Nora's look du jour when she arrives at work and transforms herself for the day - here she is, Mormon girl cum Annie Hall cum victorian bloomer lass...Helen puts on her reading glasses to fully appreciate each new day's creation!
Uffnervintage crew at goodbye lunch!! ( from left, clockwise) Amanda, Masha, Nora, Marietta, Helen,Nikoo and Allison.
Amanda waving good-bye, holding her newly acquired 1960 fur-trimmed glam jacket just finished her internship with us - we will miss her!
(**written by Allison**)
Helen treated us all to a vintage-family tasty Turkish treat today for lunch!! Amanda stopped by for lunch and said her goodbyes, since her internship with us has ended and she’ll be starting school again soon. We took a lovely 15 minute walk over the Long Island City bridge to get to the restaurant, and passed by stores and territory I had no idea existed over our way. We all shared a large plate of fresh salad, eggplant salad/sauce, and separate entrees including a hilariously large falafel sandwich, as well as exotically prepared dishes of lamb, and chicken. On the way back, we passed by one of those huge dollar store-like shops where they sell cheap “silk” lingerie, sparkle flip-flops, and dish towels. A mix of us stopped in and made some quick purchases. Marietta found a black mesh back-rest for the office chairs that I think everyone seems genuinely in love with, so we may be making a trek back to buy a couple more and update our “office scene.” Some new films have been flooding in the past few days, and we may be getting returns soon from “My One and Only,” so business is taking off!

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