Monday, August 11, 2008

homage to the Olympics

OUR OLYMPIC ENTRIES: Marietta in the tap dance event!!! Helen in the hiking event!!! Masha, Nikoo and Allison in the red hat tossing event!!!!
Helen was in Mohonk Mountain House ( more like an estate!) on vacation and discovered her “inner athlete”….she brought her usual 3 books with her but never even cracked open one! A typical day would be a 7:15 AM naturalist-led kayaking trip and then a huge hike to the top of a mountain and then back down again to canoe around the lake. There was no stopping her! ( except for meals! Helen can skip reading but NEVER meals!!!) Employee news: Our terrific summer intern Amanda has left to get ready for college this fall and we welcomed back our equally wonderful spring semester intern Nikoo back as an paid employee for the month of August, before she goes off to Brown University. Masha leaves Thursday for a month in Russia to see her Dad, brother and friends. Marietta is back to help repair damaged clothes from “Amelia” and Nora is back from California tomorrow only to leave yet again for a family wedding in two weeks! Helen hopes to take out the gang for a goodbye/welcome back meal at a local Turkish restaurant this week. This week we have actors coming in for fittings for the two 20’s and 30’s films we have started on. These seem to be the “decades de jour” these days…….even a well-known clothing designer was in to rent 30’s gowns to copy!

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